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The Theater.

There are many things one can do, but there are not many places besides theater to go and spend an evening with culture. In theater there are almost no plays without any deeper meaning. Still, the level of culture differs from theater to theater.

Theater "Estonia" is the most famous one. Usually formal clothes are worn there and the plays require better education to understand. It is very beautiful inside and consists of three parts: the winter garden, the small hall and the big hall. The stress in "Estonia" is relied on operas and ballets, but they have also musicals and other type of plays.

"Eesti drama theater" is probably the second most famous, at least in Tallinn. As the name says, their main program consists of dramas. I like this theater most, because dramas are easier to understand. The theater is quite new inside and has a strong group of actors.

There is a famous theater in Tartu called "Vanemuise" theater. It is the oldest one and it has been founded by one of the most famous Estonian poetess Lydia Koidula. In that theater the first bigger play "Säärane mulk" was first staged. Nowadays the theater has quite wide range of plays.

"Ugala", "Eesti noorsoo theater" and "Vene drama theater" are also well known. They all play mostly dramas and the last one is oriented to the Russian public, but they have some plays in Estonian, too.

Elmo Nüganen, my favorite actor, comes from "Eesti noorsoo theater" and was its main actor. My other favorite actors include our grand old lady Salme Reek, who is, has and will always be one of the bests and Jüri Krjukov, whom I like because of his ability to make much fun.

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