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The project to study libertarian ideas in the Institute for Humane Studies, USA.


The Institute for Humane Studies is a unique organisation that assists undergraduate and graduate students who have a special interest in individual liberty.

The Conference Exploring Libertarian Perspectives provides a broad, interdisciplinary survey of the "classical liberal" or libertarian tradition of individual rights, a free-market economy, tolerance, voluntary co-operation, and peace. Participants will:

        Learn about strands of classical liberal thought from the ancient to the contemporary

        Trace key ideas such as the notion of rights from philosophy through economics through law

        Gain useful tools for thinking about welfare policies, drug laws, business and trade, freedom in cyberspace, and more

        Exchange ideas with other bright, open-minded students and faculty

        Get practical tips about careers in the world of ideas.


I have been involved actively with the Adam Smith Institute Next Generation Group in London. It is a society for libertarian minded students. We meet once a week and the group has strong links with the Institute for Humane Studies. This project would be essential to me in order to find out about the possible career in public policy.


I am also in the process of revitalising the free society in Cambridge. It is a libertarian society, where I am invited to become president. Experience from the conference would help me significantly in running the society next year.


Estimated costs:

Return fare (June 20- July 4, 1998) to Pitzer College, Claremont, CA (near Los Angeles)
Living expenses for 2 weeks

Accommodation and Participation costs


330 pounds


150 pounds

0 pounds






Four lectures a day from faculty in a variety of disciplines

Plenty of time allowed for Q&A and small-group discussion following each lecture

        Career Forum
Faculty and IHS staff share insights about career options, grad school, how to succeed, and more

        Interaction with Faculty
Talk to faculty over meals, in-between sessions, and during the evening social gatherings -- faculty are with participants the entire week

        Questions & Challenges
A special session for faculty and participants to discuss tough challenges to classical liberal perspectives

        Evening Discussion Groups
A famous feature of IHS seminars -- participants raise issues of greatest importance to them, challenge the faculty and each other, and debate the seminar's exciting ideas

Speakers include:

        David T. Beito, history
University of Alabama

        Zenon Zygmont, economics
Reed College

        Eric Mack, philosophy
Tulane University

        Susan Love Brown, Anthropology
Florida Atlantic University

        John Hasnas, law and philosophy
Kennedy Institute of Ethics, Georgetown University


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