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1.The problems stated are:

      a.There are too many owners in co-operative and that's why judgement is difficult. They do not have a manager and every worker has not got enaugh necessary skills for leading the co-operative and making decitions.

      b.The co-operative has passed its optimum size and produces too much.

      c.There are many unnecessary spendings in this co-operative because nobody is responsible for the spedings.

      d.One problem is because for excample the cleaner gets as much salary as the manager and so on. Wages can't be equal when the persons do different jobs were different skills are needed.

2.All of the problems listed are the result of being a co-operative. Two first problems are only because of being a co-operative, two last problems can also be on a company.

3.The first and most effective change can be the changing of ownership. I think that the ten guys, who founded the co-operative should finnish its work and found a new company, in which they will own more shares than others do. So they would decide the wages and everything and the management meetings would become shorter.

Next thing to do is to cut the expences and force the control-system. Then there will be no more waisting in this business. Ofcourse the wages shouldn't be equal to everybody. The accountant should calculate the wages to each worker according to his work or even better: the ten workers who found the co-operative, when they will found the company, they should give some shares to every worker and pay dividents. Those whose work is more profitable would get more shares and vice-versa.

I think that the main reasons, which causes especialy many just set-up businesses to fail are:

1.They do not have a good activity plan and a good business plan is missing. Or there can be a good business plan and a good activity plan is missing. At the beginning their business will do well, but in some time the missing of a good activity plan can cause destructive damages.

2.Young business leaders do not have a good overview of their power. They can work fine at the beginning, but sooner or later their nerves just can't except such a tension and sometime they finnish their action because of that.

3.Young managers can't see the future and usually they will not make any investments, which will make the future investments possible. So if there will be a break-through in the technique used to do produce that good or service, they will not have necessary money to buy it.

4.The people, who start the business do not always have the necesary skills in the field of management. Some of them will learn them in action, but a great deal,especialy young people, can't manage the management and fail. Ofcourse state helps the people who has just set up a business of their own but sometimes it is not enaugh. They will probably have problems with taxes, because they do not know how and how much they must pay them. When they are clever enaugh they can solve the problem by taking an accountant.

5.Even if the business has an accountant sometimes the manager just can't handle the simple management. For ecsample they try to order everybody to act nice and so on. All of that must be the accountant's job, he or she must only be concerned of the final output, when it is good, there is no need to overmanage.

Ofcourse there are many other things, which causes businesses to fail, for excample the changing in the market etc, but they are the general problems for all of the businesses, not only for those, who just started.

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