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P1,2,3 Introduction

A positive statement can be tested by the reference to the facts.

A normative statement is one which cannot be tested purely by references to the facts.

Division of labour:


1.             increase in skill and dexterity.

2.             time saving

3.             individual aptitudes(can do what they are best at)

4.             use of mashinery

5.             managerial control


1.             interdependancy

2.             dislocalisation (strike in one causes big losses)

3.             unemployment

4.             alienation(no job satisfaction)


1.     Dont have to train

2.     More efficient

3.     quicker

4.     no breaks

5.     no strikes

6.     reduce AC

7.     Stronger

8.     Precise

Production possibility curve

Bounds outwards (concave), because of economies of scale.

     Wealth- physical assets which make standard of living
     Welfare- whole state of well being (e.g. public health, law)
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