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Growth-increase in real GDP per capita of a nation

1The distribution of income


primitive communism.slavery.feudalism,capitalism,socialism,communism



1Net investment(dim returns).Quality

2availability of labour(age,mobility,sex,attitude),capital(savings investments,motivation,anticipation)land

their efficiency affected by:



cstability of economy

dinvestment in technology

eunions resistance

3Defence expenditure

4Gross&net expenditure difference

5Population - growth & structure & migration & education & training


 UK not well

1Government stop-go policies

2Trade unions- restrictive practices&high wage demands

3Uninventive&-adventurous management(no R&D)

4Comfort(first industrialised country)

5Low status of engineers&scientists compared to art people

6The outflow of capital(little evidence)

7Sterm returns are too important

8Recent experience from growth 1986coz oil&supply-side policy



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