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Experiment 13.2ab, the reaction between iron(III) ions and iodide ions,p368.

1. Take 2 test-tubes 0.1M Fe3+ and 2 test-tubes 0.1M KI.

2. Make 2 test-tube mixtures of about 2 cm 0.1M Fe3+ add 2cm3 0.1M KI.

Changes occurring .

3. Add starch and Khexacyanoferrate(II) to each separate mixtures.



0.1M KI




4. Add Khexacyanoferrate to Fe2+ (should go blue).


To measure electrode potentials of Fe3+-->Fe2+

1. Use Cu cell as a reference and set things up as previous example w.r.t. Cu

2. Use beaker filled with Fe3+/Fe2+ equilibrium and platinum electrode as a electrolyte (p.369)

3. Measure E.m.f.= .

4. Now use 2I-(aq)/I2(aq) equilibrium instead of Fe3+/Fe2+ equilibrium. E.m.f.= .

5. Deduce the Pt|2I-(aq),I2(aq) Fe3+,Fe2+ | Pt.

6. Measure Pt|2I-(aq),I2(aq) Fe3+,Fe2+ | Pt experimentally (need a 2nd Pt electrode)

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