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Legislation to prevent:

1adulteration&contamination of food/food sources

2sale of low quality food

3establish&maintain compositional&nutritional standards

4use of nonbeneficial additives

5misleading labeling&to promote informative labeling

aAdulteration of food&drink act 1860-no impure or injurious food was allowed

bFood Act 1938-bad food was seized,misleading labelling&selling was an offence

cFood safety Act 1990

1rendering food injurious to health(adding smth to food,using it as ingredient,abstracting anything from food,subjecting food to any treatment).If hypothetical customer might be affected

2selling food failing to comply with requirements(injurious,contaminated,unfit)

3selling food other than demanded-if not the standard

4falsely presenting the food

Was made to comply with EU law.Ministers can issue codes under it.Enforcement responsibility of local food authorities.Act was made to take account changing technology

Food Advisory Committee&EU help government continuously:

1Use of additives is closely monitored(must have advs&no other way)

2Irradiation must bee said in label

3Claims are controlled

4Labeling is required

5Contact material

The hungry world

1Population growth

2inefficient production in some parts

aWater-3% is useable,unevenly distributed.Only 15% is irrigated,produces 30%

bFarming methods-more literacy&knowledge.Pesticides&fertilizers(Integrated pest management)

cBiodiversity has decreased with bigger farms

3unequal distribution-erosion

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