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Labour party is strong in UK because of the exceptional uniformity of the UK working class (no ethnic minorities etc.)

Conservative party has had its nowadays policy dominated by renewed uncertainty about the future of the recovery due to the enormous trade and financial imbalancies which had emerged in the world economy after the stock market crashh in october 1987 Supply side politics were much used., it did not have to abadin the Keynesian targets as labour had already done it. Conservatives wrelied heavily on international competitiveness, this showed clearly their attitudes - they wnted to be above the rest.

UK was unwilling to use th F-word in ny part of Mastrichts Treaty.

1984 Fointenblau European council plan for 1.4% Vat ceiling and a formula for reducing UK budgetary contributions.

UK dont care about public oppinnion, in1980 majority wanted UK to opt out, and in 1990s the favored Social Charter.

UK started to realise the Benefits rather late and in 1990 the view of conservatives has become more favourable.

UK has its totally own party in EU council which is now associated with PEP.

Already EC is quite powerful, although it is not a state on its own, as it has no land etc. it can impose laws that override the decisions made by the memberstate governments aand has got the money to back up its policies.

The European Commision suggested more common policies than just CAP, those that can be more beneficial to UK, but conservatives did not agree on that as it would have extended the powers of EC.

Federalists placed primary emphasis on the superseeding of the nation state with a larger democratic structure. Nationalists, althogh they did not display nationalism in its negtaive sense, did not see any reason to participate in a new political order - Artis/Lee. Nationalists views were strong in Britain largely because itt had escaped the invasion during the Second World War.

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