Current Events (last update March 11, 1999 12:40:57)

Yes, this is the page where it is all happening! Any ideas and updates stuff should be mailed to Keith and it will be here in 3 seconds (or days, depending on my workload).

Our Projects:

  1. Will start organising annual dinner on 1.05.99. Should ask some cool people, like Lembit Opik to join us or something. All ideas welcome.
  2. Had our AGM, looked at budget elected a new president Mantas. The choice was mainly because of his excellent leadership and communication abilities (and because he is the only one staying here for the next year).
  3. The Baltic International Summer School, Valmiera advertises themselves. Costs $1000 but scholarships are available. Between July 24 and August 15, 1999 in Vidzeme University College, more info on
  4. Went to the Estonian elections on 23.02.99, had a party afterwards. Renting a minivan to go to London costs 45 pounds incl. petrol.
  5. New list [email protected] including only Estonians
  6. New for 1998! Second year of existence. I opened [email protected] which will be forwarded to all current Estonians, Latvians and Lithuanians at Cambridge. Please do not abuse :)
  7. We should organize an annual general meeting and discuss what are we going to do this year. Our membership has also drastically changed.

  8. Following information was for the year 1997. Some of it might be irrelevant.
  9. Does anybody want to teach English in Klaipeda over the summer:
  10. Mark Uribe [email protected] wrote to me saying that:

    As I mentioned above I am British but I am now working here (in Klaipeda) where I run a small Language school; In general I am only able to employ qualified EFL teachers, but there may be opportunities in the summer for people to come here on a "working holiday" - ; I am hoping to be able to set up some intensive, residential courses for business people which would require, as well as qualified teachers, some extra native speakers to provide practice opportunities for the students. If you know anyone who might be interested in this, I would be happy to hear from them.

    Finally, I am always happy to have visitors; so if anyone is visiting the area and needs a contact; they are welcome to contact me.

  11. Estonian Ambassador visited us in Cambridge on the 5th of March (Thursday), 6pm at Trinity OCR.
  12. He was speaking on the European Union enlargement from the Estonian perspective, followed by a formal hall in Trinity, with special table for us with High Table food. The event was organised together with the Marshall Society and Conservative society, with people joining from the Adam Smith Institute etc.

    The President of Estonia was unfortunately not able to come. The topic of the talk was the "European Unnion Enlargement from a successful applicant's Perspective." Refreshments and wine was provided. About 50 people attended, and they really liked Raul Malk. Lots of questions about Estonia were raised etc. After the dinner we headed down to the bar for a bit, and the Ambassador got the chance to see Newton's Apple tree. That's about it really.

  13. Meeting with Dr Terence M.Laughlin on Friday, 13 February
  14. 7pm at the University Centre. Topic: education, national identity and the Baltic States. I could not attent due to personal commitments, but I heard it was a great success. Summary should follow soon (anyone?).

  15. We were in the news!!
  16. The biggest Estonian weekly newspaper (Eesti Ekspress 6.02) published an article about CUBS with references to our website. The number of visitors has at least doubled!

  17. Visit to the Lithuanian Embassy, 30 January, 98.
  18. We were greeted by the first secretary Mr Mickunas and later on by HE the Ambassador. We discussed about the presidential elections, the history of Lithuanian Embassy in London, about the Lithuanian community in England and about their current activities. The Embassy is very nice, located in the centre of London. However, they could improve on the coffee :))
    We were invited to a concert to remark the 80th anniversary of the Lithuania. It happened in the Royal College of Music and offered some splendid singing by the best bass singer in Lithuania (sorry about not remembering his name. Anyone?)

  19. Every Estonian in the UK was invited to Eesti Maja on the [email protected].
  20. Eesti Maja is located at 18 Chepstow Villas, London. The new Embassy stuff introduced themselves, gave us lots of booze and managed to organise a really entertaining evening. We crucified our freshers and there were plans to form an Estonian Student Union in England (but we already have CUBS, so?)

  21. Forming the society
  1. Christmas Party happened
  2. Right! It was held in the University Centre. The party was well attended and the atmosphere was relaxed. We got to know each other, played some games and then most of us headed down to the bar.

  3. The External Officer wrote a letter to the embassies

And has thus far got a very nice reply from the Lithuanian Embassy, inviting us to go there. Who will want to join me? But no reply from the Latvian Embassy so far. We have sent them 2 letters. Hmmm.