Hello there! You are number !

We, in CUBS, are very pleased that you have reached our site. The society is meant for Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian students studying at Cambridge. If you are a prospective students, we would love to share our experiences of how to become accepted at Cambridge, how to get the money, and of course how to get the best out of this place. Just contact any of the board members for further questions, or if you want, join the society. You can look at the "what's on" section for our current plans. Membership is not restricted to the Baltic nationals so if you are interested in the Baltic States, and maybe even want to visit them, you are most welcome to join.

We are planning to invite interesting people to Cambridge to talk about the Baltic States - about their culture, economies or about anything interesting really. We will provide speakers with accommodation and transport costs within the United Kingdom, so if you are interested, please contact the external officer.

Thank you again for your interest in CUBS, and please, do not get mad if this page is not yet working as brilliantly as it should do, we are still in the development process!

Yours sincerely,


This page will be in English. Any questions or comments about the website? Please mail the webmaster.